konya2023 project Final year project「The Future of the Future-Zakkyo-Building」



The building renovation project “Konya 2023 Project” at the Matsumura Building, which began in 2008, was scheduled to run until 2023 (fiscal year 2022). However due to unavoidable changes of the operating environment, it was decided that the project will be terminated at the end of this fiscal year March 2021. Although the project and the name “Konya 2023″ will disappear, the EXISTING building and its tenants will REMAIN until March 2023 at the most.

Therefore, as the final effort of Konya 2023, we have planned something that is not only for the end of the project but also for the preparation of new projects and activities for the next two years. This will also show that Konya 2023 has been trying to make way for the “Future-Zakkyo-Building”, we’ve been hoping for.

After April 2021, three groups of directors will open the vacant rooms as a place of Art in various ways for two years.
VACANT rooms will be turned into OPEN spaces. Business WORK place will be turned art WORK place.

Despite all these hurdles/obstacles, we will stick to the scheduled unveiling on April 1, 2021, so please pay attention to it.


【Planning Overview】

Name: Konya 2023 Final Project “The Future of the Future-Zakkyo-Building

Duration: Preparation period ~ April 1, 2021
      Implementation period April 1, 20201 – March 31, 2023
Venue: several rooms in the Matsumura Building(401-501 presently called konya-stay, currently vacant room 406 are the considered venues)

Director: Masahiro USHIROSHOJI, Kazuki SAITO, Hatsune MIYAMOTO (n alphabetical order)

Planning: TRAVEL FRONT (Konya 2023 etc. TRAVELERS PROJECT’s Secretariat)

Operation: Shoson, Inc.